Stuart Carron



Operations, Real Estate

Stuart helps organizations make better real estate decisions, improve their facility operations, and turn potential liabilities into profits.

With over 20 years of corporate real estate and facilities experience, he has seen his share of both good and bad real estate decisions, and the huge impact they can have on organizations, both financially and emotionally. Stuart brings business-needs analysis and a fact-based process to companies faced with business acquisitions or real estate decisions to make sure that their choices align with their overall business strategy, and reduce the risk that these large obligations can carry. He also evaluates facility operations to ensure standards of care, capacity utilization and costs are optimized and appropriate for the strategic value that each property represents.

Stuart is the inventor of ‘The Real Estate Checkup’, a due diligence process that quickly looks at the current state of a company’s properties to find hidden opportunities. Applied to both large and small organizations, he has successfully implemented this straightforward approach to save companies millions.

Stuart’s areas of expertise are in facilities planning, real estate strategy, pre-acquisition due diligence, site selection and relocation advice, capital planning and project management, operations analysis and improvement, energy management and sustainability. He combines strategic thinking with practical analysis and a roll-up-the-sleeves approach to provide clients with results that help them achieve their vision.