Andy Oliver

Business Partner


Strategy, Operations, Exit Planning

Andy Oliver, with 30+ years of senior executive experience, start-up, new business development and operations in financial services, manufacturing and B2B service industries, brings a wealth of knowledge in numerous fields and an entrepreneurial mindset with a bias towards action and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, fluid environment to Oak Hill Business Partners.  Andy was a co-founder of a fixed income data and analytics company and founder of a niche B2B care and maintenance company in the fire services.  Both companies were successfully sold to strategic buyers.  

Andy is an accomplished hands-on leader with outstanding operations and new business development skills. He is well versed in developing strong, highly collaborative teams that are accountable and operate with integrity; building growth cultures, integrating people and processes, and driving results, which allows him to provide a comprehensive approach to collaborating with clients to achieve their growth aspirations. 

Andy’s expertise includes working with his clients to streamline their strategic planning, annual operational plan and team execution to produce high growth results. Our strategy development framework and easy-to-use methodology acts as a catalyst to help businesses “get unstuck” from any indecision or inaction that is hampering growth and success.  We guide owners through a time-activated, data driven, simple, organized process of assessing, planning, deploying, and implementing the resulting  annual operational plan: a simplified, yet comprehensive summary and performance tracking tool.

Andy is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and works with business owners on the planning and preparation for the value creation journey to a successful exit.  Having successfully exited businesses, Andy can offer insight, advice and the understanding of the owner mindset as they work to choose the best exit strategy for their business.  Further, Andy has invested in multiple startup companies and can bring the investor’s viewpoint to the process. 

Andy is excited by tackling new challenges in innovative ways, and is skilled in assisting clients to objectively assess options for improving enterprise value. He believes that integrity is important; it drives every interaction with his clients.  With expertise you can trust, Andy is able to guide you and your business in strategic and annual planning, operations improvement, new business development, aligning staff and prioritizing initiatives to unlock your unlimited growth potential or successfully seek an exit strategy for your business.