Field Exam Services

Oak Hill Business Partners are deeply experienced individuals ready to work with you to verify your assumptions of the borrower or prospect and uncover any new problems or pertinent insights.

We believe that both you and your customer deserve to know the reality of their financial position. When both parties know the facts, building the trust relationship you have initiated is greatly enhanced.


Our services are delivered quickly, professionally, and with minimal impact to your customer.


Oak Hill delivers timely and cost-effective information to your account management and credit decision-makers. You will benefit from the following advantages by using Oak Hill Business Partners to deliver Bank Exams.

  • Local to Wisconsin. Our examiners are local to the Wisconsin market, which means less travel. We can be quicker to market. We know the market and the companies in it.
  • Seasoned examiners. We have over 15 years of auditing experience which includes mostly field and lease exam experience.
  • Experienced Financial Executives. We have over 30 years of controller and CFO experience at small, medium, and large firms.
  • Knowledgeable of Banking practices. Our years in different roles as field examiners for banks, clients of commercial bankers, and consultants to companies seeking banking relationships have given us a broad perspective of commercial banking relationships.

Oak Hill Business Partners will give you comfort knowing your customers are financially strong and free from surprises.