Exit and Transition Planning

How do you successfully prepare for and execute a transition or exit from your business?

You have to start with a process. Transitioning or selling your business, for most people, is a once in a lifetime event. If you want exceptional results in something that is not your core skill, you go to an expert who has a defined process. A medical problem means a Doctor. A legal problem leads to an Attorney. For transition or exit, it is important to have a professional that understands the whole process too. That process should be well defined, should be customizable to each unique situation, should engage specialists in each area, and should also include excellent communication and coordination.

Oak Hill supplies the process and the expertise you need to complete your transition or exit successfully. We bring five unique capabilities to the table that help you maximize your success.

  • We have a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. Our President, Erik Owen, is a CEPA and works with all our transition and exit clients.
  • We have a defined process. CEPA’s are trained in a proven process from the Exit Planning Institute.
  • Each journey is unique, so we only design and execute custom exit and transition plans. Your journey to transition or exit is your own. We believe deeply that since each journey is unique, each client deserves a plan tailored to their situation and needs.
  • We believe in teamwork. A complex transition or exit plan requires multiple professionals to execute properly. This requires not only the proper professionals with expertise in certain areas but also coordination to make sure there is alignment to maximize value to the client.
  • We develop AND execute your strategy. Strategy without execution is useless. Many consultants want to help with strategy but have never done the actual work. This often leads to a strategy that cannot be implemented or is awkward. Since our team has been in the trenches doing the job and managed businesses, we can help design a great strategy that can also be executed.

If you are ready to start the transition or exit process, Oak Hill Business Partners are ready to help you through the journey.