Success Stories – Engineering Firm

We met an engineering firm with declining sales that was trying to get into a new market space. The company had an excellent reputation in its existing space but had not done any work in the new industry vertical.

Oak Hill identified the following issues in the business and went to work:

  • Client had not updated its marketing strategy
  • Previous marketing had been primarily through trade publications
  • Website was not generating leads as desired
  • Client had strong sales conversion history

This resulted in the following solutions:

  • Developed marketing message for buyers in the new industry vertical
  • Reworked website to enhance marketing message and support entry into new industry vertical
  • Used marketing research to identify leads in the new industry and provided client with contact information for leads to “prime the pump”
  • Coached client on the new marketing message and process so they could continue to “fish” after contacting all the initial leads


  • Updated marketing message and collateral to address new market
  • Training to successfully call on new industry using proven sales conversion history