Jason Sellnow



Operational Finance, Exit Planning

Jason has over 20 years of leadership in accounting and finance and has continued his professional development with expertise in operational finance through continued education and leading organizational teams. Further, his area of expertise is essential for growth stage companies that reach a catalyst that propels them past the tightly held family owned business into aggressive growth.

Companies that he has served over the course of his career as the lead Financial Officer include Lundgren Management Corporation, Untitled, Inc., and California Thoroughbred Breeders Association. Jason has served in several different industries, among them construction, services, and nonprofits. Jason has been able to successfully apply the fundamentals of operational finance across different industries with different organizational cultures.

Jason’s expertise is in working closely with the principals of the business to provide business strategy that greatly decreases the anxiety of today’s entrepreneur by applying his business acumen with leadership that uncovers more than the numbers found on financial statements. By proactively anticipating the cycles of cash flow with the continued growth and strategy of the organization and balancing these priorities with the traditional analysis of the balance sheet and income statement with the priorities of its stakeholders, Jason has been able to communicate effectively to lead the organization in today’s dynamic marketplace. Further, with graduate study in two disciplines, Jason rises above his peers to uncover metrics and data that lower costs, increase revenue, improve processes, and improve cash flow.