Productivity. Profitability. Peace of Mind.


“I am currently a consultant specializing in improving operation performance and increasing profitability.  During my latest project, I required the expertise of a consultant group that had working knowledge and expertise in accounting, finance, bank relations and IT.

A colleague of mine referred Oak Hill Business Partners to me so I gave them a call.  Upon interviewing them I found both Erik and Bob to be very knowledgeable in the areas I required and also had a vast understanding in manufacturing operations.  Being personable but direct, they immediately identified and prioritized the basic problems and methodically went to work fixing them.

Oak Hill provided excellent, timely assistance through hands on help and employee training, and quickly turned a good company that was losing money monthly to a cash generating, profitable company.  I would definitely recommend Oak Hill to my future clients.”


Tom Phillips
Retired Chief Operating Officer
Bucyrus International

“Oak Hill Business Partners is the core of my acquisitions team. They are an extremely valuable resource for determining financial health, identifying improvement opportunities in all aspect of the business and in planning best next steps.


I appreciate the breadth of expertise and the extreme focus on customer satisfaction.  I recommend them to anyone looking to buy, build or turn-around a business.”

Todd Wagner

“As a small business owner and surgeon running a growing practice, I have had to deal with many challenging issues. Working with Oak Hill Business Partners has helped us to effectively deal with problems of management, marketing, and accounts receivable in a way that appropriately fits our size and budget. The Oak Hill model allows us to deal with these areas with what fits our current business but allows us to grow as needed. It’s been a huge benefit to us in that it gives us access to the kinds of skills and knowledge usually available only to very large corporations by scaling it to fit our small business needs.”

Dr. John D. Suson, MD
Suson Eye Specialists, MD, SC

“Oak Hill Business Partners provided valuable support to Lake Express during a significant transition in our management team. Oak Hill was able to help us insure the continuity in, and integrity of, our daily corporate financial functions while assisting us in our recruitment efforts to fill the management team vacancy.

I found Oak Hill’s staff to be very knowledgeable and open; and a great resource for Lake Express. They have expertise in a variety of management areas that can be of benefit to any CEO. I look forward to working with Oak Hill on an ongoing basis.”


Ken Szallai, President
Lake Express Ferry