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Post Transaction Support

Oak Hill’s unique business model allows us to excel where most M&A firms and business brokers fail – where Strategy Meets Execution.

Once the transaction closes and the professionals leave the room, the business owner and or management team is left to integrate the two organizations.

Large Fortune 500 companies have the luxury of being able to assemble a cross functional team of professionals from all parts of their organization to assist in the integration.  However, many lower-middle market companies and business owners rarely have the human resources or time available in order to execute on perhaps the most important part of the transaction.

Oak Hill Business Partners is uniquely qualified to assist in this area because of the Holistic team approach we bring to small and medium sized business.  Our combination of deep functional expertise in the areas of Finance, Operations, Sales, and Marketing, and our intimate knowledge of the transaction; we are able to lead and or support the integration efforts needed in order for you to achieve the ROI you anticipated.

This unique approach aligns the interest of the business owner and the Oak Hill team well beyond the closing and forces everyone to think beyond the transaction itself – where Strategy Meets Execution.

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