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Business Valuations

Knowing the value of your investment portfolio or IRA is something than can be easily accomplished and monitored on a daily basis.  However, like many small business owners a vast amount of your personal and family net worth may be tied to the value of your small business.  What’s your business worth?

As a business owner, do you know and understand the value of your business to a third party?  Are you aware of what the market perceives as value?

Understanding the value of your company to a third party and to specific third parties is a complex process that requires a team with experience understanding the value drivers of a company.

At Oak Hill we provide our clients with an business valuations based on several factors including:

  • Historical Current Cash Flow/ EBITDA, And Future Earnings Potential
  • Competitive Market Data for Similar Companies
  • Specific Market Drivers (Management Team, Customer Concentration, Product Mix, Technology, etc…)
  • Current Lending Environment
  • Availability & Likelihood of Strategic Buyers
  • Industry and Market Trends

As a business owner, you don’t need to be preparing to sell your company in order to request an business valuation.  At Oak Hill we believe a business valuation can and should be used as a tool for guiding decisions on growth strategy, management decisions, marketing and or operational decisions.

If you want to know what your company is worth, contact Oak Hill Business Partners.