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How can I reduce the commercial loan risk at my financial institution?

Our team includes Partners with significant experience as bankers, commercial bank customers, and as advisors to both bankers and bank customers.  In addition, our Partners have held upper management positions in their functional areas in commercial and industrial businesses.

Given this mix of banking and commercial/industrial experience, our Partners are able to provide services to reduce risk in your portfolio:

When the loan committee wants Field Exams…

Oak Hill has deep experience delivering timely and detailed field exams for commercial lending not only to assess the risk, but also recommend improvements that will help your commercial lenders, reduce your portfolio risk, and help your customer perform better.

If you are looking for help in managing the risk in your financial institution, Oak Hill Business Partners are ready to work beside you to bring success to you and your customer.

Oak Hill delivers the following Field Exams:

  • On going monitoring Field Exams
  • Pre-funding Field Exams
  • Leasing Company Field Exams

Your customer wants growth…

We bring three unique capabilities to the table that help you maximize your customer’s growth and profits.

1.We start with the end in mind. The combination of our Growth practice and Mergers & Acquisitions practice helps our clients gain full-service value.  We understand running businesses and how to generate growth, and we also understand how to buy and sell businesses and finance them.  This allows us to grow thier business with an end in mind.

  1. Our team’s experience is deep and wide. We each are deep in our functional area – Sales, Marketing, Operations, or Finance & Administration.  Our team members have spent an average of 20-plus years in their functional area.
  2. We develop AND execute your customer’s strategy. Strategy without execution is useless.  Many consultants want to help with strategy, but have never done the actual work.  This often leads to strategy that cannot be implemented or is awkward.  Since our team has been in the trenches doing the job and managed businesses, we can help design great strategy that can also be executed. 

When your customer is in trouble…

When your customer’s business is struggling, they need a trusted advisor who brings both a holistic approach and experience. Since we can draw on our team for both deep functional expertise and the team’s broad experience, we can offer more than the usual lone-wolf approach.

We are experts in helping M&A transactions succeed…

Oak Hill has the capabilities, experience, and track record of successful transactions to help your small and middle-market customers navigate the turbulent waters of the M&A world.  We help them before, during, and after, on both buy-side and sell-side opportunities.

Unlike other M&A advisors which exclusively focus on “the transaction”, our  team works with the customer well ahead of any transaction to prepare their organization for the deal process and enhance the customers’s negotiating leverage.  Just as valuable, Oak Hill will help their internal team integrate your acquisition after a buy-side transaction is closed.  We work with your company from start to well after finish

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