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Enterprise Projects

Has your company planned or have started a major financial system or shared services implementation?

Having the right team to getting a quality result on time, on budget, and with minimal risk is critical. As a project sponsor you simply cannot afford to have a major project stall or allow the implementation to proceed without having the key business objectives woven into the solution.

Oak Hill supplies program management expertise you can rely on to get it done right. We bring bold leadership and proven project management experience to the table that will drive success on your project.

  1. Focus on Process. We are dedicated to evaluating & improving processes as the cornerstone of every project. It’s not just about putting in new software.  It’s about implementing the best possible business process that runs on an efficient IT system.
  2. We implement creative solutions with practical approaches. Our project delivery team’s experience is deep and wide.  This allows us to draw on this experience to solve issues that we have seen on other projects and through running financial operations of large corporations.  We also know what works and what doesn’t work, greatly reducing risks to the project.
  3. Blend & balance IT goals with business objectives. It is critical to the success of any project to ensure the objectives of the business are met.  We manage our client’s projects to ensure the process owner’s needs come first.
  4. We take charge & manage all project workstreams. We ensure all activities surrounding the project are managed simultaneously.  We accomplish this by using proven project management tools and techniques.
  5. Relentless stakeholder communication. We keep all stakeholders appraised of progress, open issues, and actions required for success on all engagements.  The communication plan is tailored to the requirements of the project sponsor.  Once this plan is established it is pursued without deviation.

If you need help with managing a large project and need it to succeed, Oak Hill Enterprise Projects is ready to make it happen.  Contact us.