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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bank Management Must Properly Assess Risks

By Mark Nowak Let’s start out with a statement that should be obvious — asset quality is related to the left hand side of the bank’s balance sheet. Bank management is concerned with the quality of their loan portfolio since for most banks their loan portfolio provides the major earnings stream for the bank. And, […]

A Quick Study in Honing Your Elevator Speech

By Mike Williams A colleague of mine, Jamar Cobb-Dennard, ( ) tells this story. He met the person who has now become his best client literally in an elevator. This client told Jamar that the reason he agreed to become a client was Jamar’s impressive pitch at that chance meeting. Jamar’s five points that he […]

Who’s Managing Your Communications?

By: Terry Bolda As the owner or manager at a typical nonprofit organization or business, you have a web site to communicate your mission, products or services.  You also may have a newsletter — whether printed or posted on your web site — for customers, donors, potential clients, and associates.  You also have other ways […]