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Monthly Archives: January 2011

How to make an impact: answer the “so what?” question

By: Todd Wagner Buy, sell, plan and execute well and business success is sure to follow, right? Well, maybe.  The catch is that all these must be driven and measured by a common rallying cause.  Companies know this and spend a lot of time and money developing things like mission statements and core values. There’re […]

Continuous Improvement: A Crucial Component of Economical Manufacturing

By Dave Baumann It is well understood that Continuous Improvement is an essential component of manufacturing economics.  Today, the marketplace is challenged even more by the increased attention to economically sustainable (manufacturing) development – the awareness and concern with the environmental impact of economic growth and global expansion of business and trade.   Sustainable Manufacturing, […]

The Art of Sales– Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

By Frank Gallo The hardest thing for most sales people is to plan their sales strategy.  This is because it requires the individual to sit down without interruption, take themselves out of the field and frame out a plan that they will be held accountable to.  Accountability puts even more pressure on us because there […]

3 R’s for Choosing Marketing Spokespeople

By Heather Mangold For years, marketers have used spokespeople to humanize their company, product or service. These “third-party” endorsements help consumers to relate to the company and can even lend credibility if the correct representative is selected. Whether you are representing a big consumer brand or positioning a small service organization as a leader in […]