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What Is My Company Worth?

I get this question a lot from business owners.  They would normally like to hear a simple answer and many times are disappointed with the answer.  I don’t make up the rules for business valuation, but I can help you understand what goes into one and how to prepare your company. Let’s start with what […]

The Basics of Confidentiality and or Non-Disclosure Agreements for Buyers

You are an individual buyer and you’ve become aware of a business for sale opportunity and the intermediary representing the seller asks you execute a Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement (also referred to as an NDA). What is a Confidentiality Agreement or Non Disclosure Agreement? Why do you need to complete this intimidating legal document […]

Preparing to Exit – Assembling Your Exit Planning Team

By  Frank Orlando We’re entering the heart of tax season, and business owners are meeting with their CPAs and accountants to review their taxes and discussing the previous year’s performance.   While this annual ritual of meeting with your accountant is important, there is another regular meeting that should be taking place for every business owner […]

What in the World is Business Continuity Planning?

By Scott Owens, PMP, CBCP Business Continuity Planning involves the analysis, preparation, and planning that are necessary to minimize loss and ensure continuity of an organization’s critical business functions in the event of a disaster. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is designed to outline the steps required to recover the systems and business processes that […]