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When It Comes To Sales, Do Good Things Really Come To Those Who Wait Or…Does The Early Bird Truly Get The Worm?

How would you describe your company’s basic business-to-business sales philosophy: passive/reactive or aggressive/proactive? The passive/reactive philosophy is not necessarily the wrong approach just as the aggressive/proactive philosophy is not always a required ingredient for success.  And, realistically, most businesses engage in both to some degree.  However, there are some simple criteria for deciding which approach […]

Why Are Financial Statements Important?

We hear this regularly when we are meeting with business owners; especially relatively new businesses.  Some of you may be thinking, “How can you ask a question like that?”  Let ‘s see if I can answer both questions. Financial statements are important for many reasons, but here are three significant reasons. Financial statements tell you […]

The Urgent Need For Clarity

By Kathryn Weber, PHR Why are so many experienced professionals saying that the business climate today is more unforgiving than ever? It is faster paced, with shorter turnaround times, combined with demands to address relentless change. In addition, the level and quality of competition is greater than ever. The pressure to perform is extraordinary! So […]

How Do I Control The Cash In My Business?

By Erik Owen If you don’t have to worry about cash flow these days, you are not only fortunate, but also in the minority.  Whether your sales have dropped or you are beginning to grow, many different factors can put demands on your corporate cash. Here are some management techniques to help you manage your […]

Using Microsoft Excel To Supercharge Your Profits

By Lorry Rifkin Microsoft Excel is omnipresent in the business world today. It is used to help run millions of business. Users have all levels of training from formal classes to learning from a fellow employee’s hands on training. Because it’s so easy to start using Excel and seeing numbers result from that use, little […]

Things To Consider Before Diving Into A Marketing Communications Project

By Terry Bolda Previous blog postings have explained the advantages of having professional and regular communications with your target audience, whether it is a letter, annual report, blog post, printed newsletter or email newsletter. As an executive director or CEO with little knowledge of the publishing or marketing communications world, what should you be thinking […]

Preparing to Exit – Assembling Your Exit Planning Team

By  Frank Orlando We’re entering the heart of tax season, and business owners are meeting with their CPAs and accountants to review their taxes and discussing the previous year’s performance.   While this annual ritual of meeting with your accountant is important, there is another regular meeting that should be taking place for every business owner […]

Finding (And Satisfying) The Unarticulated Need

By Jim Buell What if Henry Ford had only listened to his customer?  I don’t think he would have been nearly as successful as he was. Henry Ford is quoted as saying “If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses”.  He was right.  His customer couldn’t imagine the car. […]

Sales Accountability vs. Organizational Responsibility

By Peter Rathmann Customers are disappearing, buying habits have changed, profit margins are shrinking, marketing budgets have been stripped, and the competition is entrenched. To compound the problem, your sales team is only selling 20% of the time, call reports are fictional, sales are unpredictable, and the training you purchased has had no impact on results whatsoever. […]

Keep Close Tabs on Technology Performance During a Downturn

By Bill King As southeastern Wisconsin businesses strive to manage costs during the current economic downturn, it’s important not to overlook how your company’s technology is being managed. Make sure you get the most for your technology dollar and your Information Technology performs at peak efficiency. Trying economic times require executives to understand the IT […]