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Keys to a Successful Project: Relentless Stakeholder Communication

I have led projects in several different capacities for over 20 years and have learned much about what works and what doesn’t.  One thing that is a must is strong communication to all stakeholders.  Who are the stakeholders?  Anyone that in anyway is affected by the outcome of the project.  Executive leaders, managers, process owners, […]

Things To Consider Before Diving Into A Marketing Communications Project

By Terry Bolda Previous blog postings have explained the advantages of having professional and regular communications with your target audience, whether it is a letter, annual report, blog post, printed newsletter or email newsletter. As an executive director or CEO with little knowledge of the publishing or marketing communications world, what should you be thinking […]

Consider the Value, Advantages of a Printed Newsletter

By Terry Bolda Call me old-fashioned, but I still subscribe to a daily newspaper. I’ve been doing it since my college days. I treasure the walk to the mailbox each morning to pick up a printed newspaper, opening it up at the breakfast table, and catching up on the latest news with paper in one […]

Think of the “Other Guy” When Handling Communications

By Terry Bolda Do not underestimate the importance of professional communication and etiquette both within and outside your organization. By paying attention to how we’re communicating to our audience(s) and showing concern for the feelings of others, we can have better relationships with staff and customers. Does this help the bottom line? You bet!   […]

That Whacked-Out Idea You Had Today May Be a Great Idea Tomorrow

By: Ken Forbes, MBA We knew the Jeep Cherokee buyer was a little bit different than competitive sport utility buyers. The Cherokee buyer had a higher income, was younger and more educated than the competitors at the time.  Working in the market research department of Jeep’s ad agency in the 1990’s, we concerned ourselves with […]

Digital Marketing and Content Management Challenges Traditional Approach

By Terry Bolda It’s a whole new world out there when your business needs to adapt from traditional marketing to digital marketing for the web. The tri-fold brochures or fancy product literature that works when handed to someone in person, will not work for someone scanning through websites on his computer. We lean back in […]

Take Time to Define Your Team’s Passion

By Jeff Tetzlaff I recently sat in on a meeting of Oak Hill Business Partners.  Of the many topics they discussed, the one that caught my attention concerned how to speak to their prospective client base. It was noted that many sales and motivational speakers focus on helping business teams identify the passion of the […]

A Quick Study in Honing Your Elevator Speech

By Mike Williams A colleague of mine, Jamar Cobb-Dennard, ( ) tells this story. He met the person who has now become his best client literally in an elevator. This client told Jamar that the reason he agreed to become a client was Jamar’s impressive pitch at that chance meeting. Jamar’s five points that he […]

Who’s Managing Your Communications?

By: Terry Bolda As the owner or manager at a typical nonprofit organization or business, you have a web site to communicate your mission, products or services.  You also may have a newsletter — whether printed or posted on your web site — for customers, donors, potential clients, and associates.  You also have other ways […]

A “beefed up” profile is the key to LinkedIn success

By Wayne Breitbarth LinkedIn is a virtual networking tool that is currently being used by over 90 million business professionals around the globe. It allows business professionals to find and be found by other professionals. To get started on LinkedIn, you will need to create a profile that displays your professional and educational experience, and […]