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Understanding our biases when it comes to COVID-19 Risks…

While some of the dust has settled on COVID-19, this pandemic is still having ripple effects in economies throughout the world.  A variety of biases[1] have been shown to be ubiquitous in our ability to be proactive when it comes to ameliorate the effects of catastrophic events. Bias #1, Myopia bias.  We tend to view what is directly […]

Jason Sellnow Brings Operational Finance Solutions Experience to Oak Hill Business Partners

Oak Hill Business Partners announces the hiring of veteran operational finance professional Jason Sellnow. Sellnow adds a proven track record of helping clients improve their profitability to a strong team of functional, technical experts at Oak Hill. His professional background includes over 15 years of accounting, finance, operations, management, human resources, and consulting experience. “We […]

Mark Bishop Brings Sales Solutions Experience to Oak Hill Business Partners

“We are very excited to have Mark join our team,” said Oak Hill President and Founder Erik Owen.  “Not only does Mark bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in Sales and Sales Management that our clients need to grow their businesses, he is a smart, highly ethical, and fun guy to be around.” As […]

Keys to a Successful Project: Relentless Stakeholder Communication

I have led projects in several different capacities for over 20 years and have learned much about what works and what doesn’t.  One thing that is a must is strong communication to all stakeholders.  Who are the stakeholders?  Anyone that in anyway is affected by the outcome of the project.  Executive leaders, managers, process owners, […]

When It Comes To Sales, Do Good Things Really Come To Those Who Wait Or…Does The Early Bird Truly Get The Worm?

How would you describe your company’s basic business-to-business sales philosophy: passive/reactive or aggressive/proactive? The passive/reactive philosophy is not necessarily the wrong approach just as the aggressive/proactive philosophy is not always a required ingredient for success.  And, realistically, most businesses engage in both to some degree.  However, there are some simple criteria for deciding which approach […]

What Is My Company Worth?

I get this question a lot from business owners.  They would normally like to hear a simple answer and many times are disappointed with the answer.  I don’t make up the rules for business valuation, but I can help you understand what goes into one and how to prepare your company. Let’s start with what […]

Why Are Financial Statements Important?

We hear this regularly when we are meeting with business owners; especially relatively new businesses.  Some of you may be thinking, “How can you ask a question like that?”  Let ‘s see if I can answer both questions. Financial statements are important for many reasons, but here are three significant reasons. Financial statements tell you […]

The Basics of Confidentiality and or Non-Disclosure Agreements for Buyers

You are an individual buyer and you’ve become aware of a business for sale opportunity and the intermediary representing the seller asks you execute a Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement (also referred to as an NDA). What is a Confidentiality Agreement or Non Disclosure Agreement? Why do you need to complete this intimidating legal document […]

The Urgent Need For Clarity

By Kathryn Weber, PHR Why are so many experienced professionals saying that the business climate today is more unforgiving than ever? It is faster paced, with shorter turnaround times, combined with demands to address relentless change. In addition, the level and quality of competition is greater than ever. The pressure to perform is extraordinary! So […]

How Do I Control The Cash In My Business?

By Erik Owen If you don’t have to worry about cash flow these days, you are not only fortunate, but also in the minority.  Whether your sales have dropped or you are beginning to grow, many different factors can put demands on your corporate cash. Here are some management techniques to help you manage your […]